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Robotic Wind Turbine Disrupting Oil Giants

Can a Man Own the Wind? Can you own the wind? Can you buy it? Does it only blow in select countries? Does the wind settle only in the League of Arab States? or does it prefer “mighty” first world countries to developing nations? According to the Energy Information Association, 69% of the world’s oil […]

Solar Installer Customer Consultation

Solar power is still a pretty new concept to many people. A potential customer will have many questions so you should be prepared to confidently answer all their questions. A good first impression during a consultation could be the difference between you getting the job over a competitor. So here are a few tips on […]

3 Beginner Solar Installer Checklist Items

There are 3 solar beginner checklist items that ALL solar installers must have in place especially for a small solar starter installer. Proper training to increase your efficiency, proper tools to help you get the job done fast, and a reliable team member to support you during the installation. When I started my solar installation […]

How to Find Solar Customers

It sometimes feel like a mystery to to find solar customers. Many of our marketing strategies failed but two has skyrocketed our revenue. In this article I will share the two strategies that has been working like a charm for the past 4 years. It helped to get our first customer & still works today! […]

Top 3 Solar Mistakes Made by Solar Installers

In my five years of solar installations I have made a lot of solar mistakes along my journey to grow my solar instalation business at Kimroy Bailey Renewables. I want to help you get over the learning curve much faster than I did and that is why we created the Step by Step Solar Installation […]

Solar Panel Installation DIY Tutorial!

This video is the first in our series on instructional DIY tutorials on solar panel installation on a concrete roof. This tutorial is tailored to renewable energy installers and homeowners who are interested in installing their own small system. It also shows how we mount the aluminum rail, connect wires, combiner box, and ran the […]

KB Renewable Robotics Camp 2016

Kimroy Bailey Robotics and the University of Technology, Jamaica have partnered to present a targeted Science, Robotics and Renewable Energy summer Camp. The first week of our Renewable Robotics Camp covers: How to build a mobile robot, programing, 3D Printing, Mobile App Creation and an introduction to Renewable Energy. The second week of the camp […]

Renewable Energy & Robotics to Grow the economy

Renewable Energy & robotics can significantly grow the Jamaican economy. Forty years of a mere 0-1% growth has forced a mass migration of young intellectuals to work in other countries and build their economies. This article challenges the leaders of Jamaica to pursue renewable energy & robotics to achieve momentous economic growth capable of returning our […]

Kimroy Bailey Renewable Robotics Summer Camp

Kimroy Bailey Robotics and the University of Technology, Jamaica have partnered to present a targeted Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Summer Camp. The  Kimroy Bailey Renewable Robotics Summer Camp is endorsed by the Scientific Research Council and GENNEX; designed to revolutionize students’ passion in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) by utilizing the fascinating […]

Kimroy Bailey Robotics 14 Greatest Accomplishments of 2014

2014 was a great year! Time truly flies. The year the Kimroy Bailey Foundation installed its first operational wind turbine at the 100% Renewable Community Center in Trelawny. The year Kimroy Bailey Robotics was born and positioned as the Caribbean’s leading robotics, product prototyping and small scale manufacturing company. Hmmm a number of milestones were […]

BaileyBionic, Jamaican made robotic hand

Kimroy Bailey Robotics staged a grand showcase of cutting edge Jamaican Technologies at the Planning Institute of Jamaican (PIOJ) Labour Market Forum. The booth featured a host of advance technologies including the companies dual extruder 3D printer; a snapshot of BaileyBionic: the company’s line of human-like robots and BaileyBotic: the company’s line of mobile robots. BaileyBionic is a robotic […]

Robotics, Renewable Energy & Farming TV Feature

Youth participation in Jamaica remains highly uneven. The adolescent voice is largely missing from decision-making and policy development. Talk Up Yout’ – a nationally televised talk show hosted by Emprezz Golding – is one of the few platforms designed to share adolescent views on issues affecting young people with solutions as the final outcome. Watch […]

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