Best of 2012: Top 5 Posts of the Year

Best of 2012: Top 5 Posts of the Year

On January 26, 2012 I published my very first Blog Post; I decided since, that I would devote this blog to promoting local technology while sharing my personal engineering journey. Thanks to EVERYONE who have taken the time out to comment, correct, encouraged, ‘Liked’,  Tweet, or Shared my thoughts. A total of 27 posts were published during the year, I figured it would be rather cool to share the Top 5. This is by no means the best our site has produced but simply highlights the technological variety along the Blogging journey. The  ‘Best Posts of 2012’ were selected using three primary factors: Post Views, Facebook: ‘Likes and Share’ and Twitter: tweets… The title for each post on the countdown is Clickable, if you would like to indulge you may click to view the full article.

# 5: Tropical Storm Wind Turbine among Top 5 in Global   Research Competition

I have always been fascinated by the raw power of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Before starting my engineering degree at The University of Technology, Jamaica I couldn’t help but wondering how great it would be if engineers were able to harness the energy these disastrous elements possessed and save the countless lives and billion dollar havoc they cause globally. This post shares the story of my Tropical Storm Wind Turbine Research selected among the top 5 in the world and later went on the copped the 2nd place Award in Washington, USA at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Global Humanitarian Research Competition.

# 4: Smile Jamaica Feature: Tropical Storm Wind Turbine

On Monday November 19, 2012, Television Jamaica’s (TVJ), Smile Jamaica, featured the 2nd Place Tropical Storm Wind Turbine.  The interview was conducted by Nevelle Bell and Simone Clarke-Cooper. We briefly discussed the operations of the Wind Turbine  that was placed 2nd in the Global Humanitarian Competition in Seattle Washington, USA. This post features the YouTube video of the short interview demonstrating the concept behind operating a wind turbine during a tropical storm.

# 3: 3rd Place Robot: JamBot

Jamaica and Robot is like the Bob sled story all over again. Just that this is a bit cooler than Cool Runnings, (I’m dreaming :] ). This post shares a little about the Jamaican Robot that was place THIRD in Florida, USA. The photo attached was taken before our first round, this photo represents: nerves, it represents: over 20 other team member that couldn’t make it to the competition, it represents: passion for what we love and above all it represents BLACK, GOLD, and GREEN and the thought that there is literally NOTHING Jamaicans cannot do!… This was at the annual IEEE Region 3 student competition held this year in Florida. The University of Technology, Jamaica was the 2nd Most Awarded Institution, collecting 4 awards including 1st place T-Shirt design, 3rd place research, 3rd place Robot, and Exemplary Branch Award; might I add, there were 52 other competing universities. This post is definitely a must read to catch up on the Technological capabilities of the young minds this GREAT nation possesses. One more reason to sing: Sweet, Sweet Jamaica, Mi Nah Leff Ya!

# 2: The Kimroy Bailey Foundation

The Kimroy Bailey Foundation aims to position the Cockpit Country as the world’s premier location for sustainable tourism over the next few years. After placing 2nd at the Global Humanitarian Research Competition I decided I would do something to benefit humanity with the US$750 that I had won. Born and raised in the Cockpit, Trelawny I have had the blessed opportunity to reside in a region that over 1500 species of endemic and in some cases endangered animals and plants call home. This post shares details about the projects we are preparing to undertake to RE-Power the Cockpit using Solar and Wind Energy.

# 1: 100% Renewable Jamaica

I recently completed my Bachelors in Engineering at The University of Technology, Jamaica where I did extensive study on Jamaica’s renewable capacity. I have had the blessed opportunity to defend my stance that Jamaica can supply ALL its electrical energy without importing oil. This post shares some really interesting statistics about how we can achieve this and the role that YOU will have to play to make this happen. This post truly shares my passion, renewable energy holds the key to Jamaica’s economic recovery by allowing us to expand our own capacity and reduce imported energy. Above all, it serves to inspire you to to see how you can contribute to this change.

Thanks again for all your support through out 2012… 2013, truly is going to be an Epic Year! We will be doing some more research on our wind turbine platform, make our first real scale Jamaican robot, Expound and implement the vision of our Foundation; all of which you will be adequately updated on. I pray that your year ahead will be anything but normal, the last thing our country needs is another normality. Please help us defy the odds, dream BIG and devote days and nights to making your dreams come true. May God Bless You, May God bless those around you and above all,  May God Bless the island we all call home, Jamaica Land We Love.

Always remember to KB- Keep Believing

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    Keep up the good job young man! Nicely done.

    January 3, 2013 at 10:00 am

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