BaileyBionic, Jamaican made robotic hand

BaileyBionic, Jamaican made robotic hand

Students from Ardenne High at the KB Robotics Booth

Kimroy Bailey Robotics staged a grand showcase of cutting edge Jamaican Technologies at the Planning Institute of Jamaican (PIOJ) Labour Market Forum. The booth featured a host of advance technologies including the companies dual extruder 3D printer; a snapshot of BaileyBionic: the company’s line of human-like robots and BaileyBotic: the company’s line of mobile robots.

BaileyBionic is a robotic hand made in Jamaica at the Kimroy Bailey Robotics Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) in Trelawny. The hand is a derivative of the open source humanoid InMoov found on Thingiverse. BaileyBionic boasts two core control inputs: voice command and sonar sensing. The Sonar sensing feature was showcased at the PIOJ exhibition where patrons interacted with BaileyBionic by moving their fingers in front of the sonar sensor. Their motion was processed by an Arduino microcontroller which allows BaileyBionic to record the movement of each finger then replicate the patrons motion by moving its robotic fingers in the corresponding order. Persons were amazed at the level of details BaileyBionic reproduced whether it was each finger going down and up, the fold of the fist, the pointing finger out and the other fingers closed or a thumbs up. BaileyBionic was able to replicate inputs with remarkable details in real time.

The technology demonstrated Kimroy Bailey Robotics’ capacity as the company of choice for digital manufacturing and rapid product prototyping across the Caribbean. Our ability to design, build and automate from simple mobile robots to a complex robotic hand demonstrates that we are equipped with the staff and facility to take your idea from a thought to a product within a few days or weeks. We assist entrepreneurs through our consultancy services with baby steps from prototype development to small scale manufacturing for market testing and sales.

BaileyBionic a robotic hand from Kimroy Bailey Robitics
BaileyBionic, a robotic hand from Kimroy Bailey Robotics holding a TV remote

Above all, the potential impact for BaileyBionic is what caused many patron to pause and look at Jamaican Engineering in a whole new way. The Robotic hand is not just a cool Jamaican-made marvel to showcase the capacity of Kimroy Bailey Robotics, it is more importantly a tool capable of assisting in the realization of a dream for tens of hundreds of Jamaicans with an amputation. BaileyBionic can be engineered to interact with nerves in the triceps and biceps of an amputee thus enabling the patient to execute a multiplicity of tasks. These tasks as basic as picking up a cup of water or typing with both hands are dreams that ellude a number of amputees if they don’t have a few hundred thousand dollars to purchase a bionic hand. The lowcost BaileyBionic will again revive those dreams and truly supports our KB mantra, Keep Believing!

Donate to the Kimroy Bailey Foundation – TeamKB #KeepBelieving

BaileyBot, A home security robot from Kimroy Bailey Robotics
BaileyBotic, a home security robot from Kimroy Bailey Robotics capable of sharing realtime video feed to any smartphone

BaileyBotic was also on hand to display the full capability of Jamaican Engineering and the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in protecting homes and properties. BaileyBotic is a mobile home security robot which drastically lowers the cost of home video monitoring. BaileyBotic works in tandem with sonar sensors, it patrols the home and wherever movement is detected by the sonar sensors the Arduino micro-control instructs BaileyBotic to navigates autonomously to the area in question. The robot then sends a text message to the property owner and provides real time video images to a smart phone. BaileyBotic can alert police, security company, the neighbor, whom ever the home owner wishes to add to BaileyBotic’s contact list. BaileyBotic, our low cost mobile robot is the platform used to teach students the basics of robotics in our Evening, Weekend and part time robotics program.

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The Jamaican made Bionic Hand and mobile robot from Kimroy Bailey Robotics was showcased when The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) and the Labour Market Information Technical Advisory Committee (LMITAC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) and the HEART Trust/NTA extended an invitation to Kimroy Bailey Robotics to mount an exhibition at its 2014 Labour Market Forum. The forum was held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Kingston Jamaica. Kimroy Bailey Robotics shared booth space with the University of Technology, Jamaica. Kimroy recently graduated from the institution with a Bachelors with Honors in Electrical Engineering. He was mentored by Dr. Dave Muir, head of Instrumentation and Controls in the faculty of Engineering and Computing. Dr. Muir plays an instrumental role in the growth and development of Kimroy Bailey Robotics.

Kimroy Bailey Robotics team members
Robotics developers from left Marlon Hutchinson, programmer; Areal Sparks, designer and Kimroy Bailey, roboticist.

Kimroy Bailey Robotics is the Caribbean’s largest Robotics manufacturing company which operates from a 100% Renewable Energy Fabrication Laboratory in Trelawny. The company launched it benchmark service in July, 2014 with the KB Renewable Robotics Summer Camp in association with the University of Technology, Jamaica. Kimroy Bailey Robotics also consults with the Caribbean Examination Council where Kimroy Bailey is apart of a delegation mandated to create the Caribbean’s first Green Engineering course for CAPE students across the region. KB Robotics offers a number of services for persons interested in learning how to make robots, or small business owners interested in making a product of their own, these services include:

  • The KB Robotic Kit for beginners interested in learner how to design, build and program robots
  • Tours of the Kimroy Bailey Robotics Fabrication Laboratory in Trelawny
  • Robotics showcase and demonstration at schools across the island
  • Robotics evening, weekend, summer and part time classes
  • Product Development Consultancy, Prototyping and Small Scale Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing, CAD Modeling and Robot design

Please Contact us here or call (876)834-5971 to find out more about our product offerings.

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  • Marlon Christie Reply

    paving a bright future for Jamaica. great work, bring Jamaica uptodate in technological inventons.

    December 18, 2014 at 8:22 am
  • Suzette Henry Reply

    Gotta hand it to this influencer and his team.

    December 18, 2014 at 8:26 am
  • Adrian Paul Reply

    your talents are being misplaced, its not functional for today’s society

    December 18, 2014 at 9:13 am
    • Floyd Brooks Reply

      You are crazy. Even if the hand is not applicable, which it is, you are have to think about what one can learn from doing such a thing (creative thinking, research, math, physics, biology, etc).

      March 22, 2015 at 11:24 pm

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