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ASK a PRO is a consultation tool created to provide professional expert assistance to persons designing a solar system, installing a solar project or anyone who needs a professional solar support or advice. 

ask a pro - off grid?

For persons designing a Battery Backup Solar PV System and needs professional assistance to ensure that the system is properly sized & all components are considered for ultimate reliability

ask a pro - installation

Install with confidence! Don't worry! Don't wonder! Ask a Pro will ensure that you have the support and know-how with real time hand holding while you install your Grid tie or Off Grid Solar System.

ask a pro - grid tie?

Professional consultation for designing a Grid Tie Solar Panel System. We are here to help with wiring sizing, DC circuitry, grid integration, best practices, everything to ensure your Grid is TIED!

ask a pro - troubleshoot

Ask a Pro knows that a successful installation is only the beginning. Whether it's a quick question about your installation or troubleshooting to solve a complex problem, Ask a Pro is HERE to help

How does ask a pro work

We currently have 3 plans available. You can choose our 5 Minute, 10 Minute or 15 Minute Plan depending on the level of detail and duration of consultation feedback. After you have selected your plan You can type your question, upload a detail video or voice note in English. You will also be able to upload any supporting documents that will allow us to better assist you.   

To ensure a great user experience we review your questions before processing your payment. After you submit your question our team of Solar Professionals will quickly review your question and direct you to our payment portal to pay for the plan selected. 

We recommend that you set an appointment at least 24 hours after you submit your question. This will ensure that the solar professional is adequately prepared to provide a comprehensive response. It will also allow us to contact you to clarify any issue with your question submission. You will be able to choose your preferred contact method whether: 1-on-1 telephone, 1-on-1 video, or 1-on-1 text chat.

You will receive an email confirmation indicating that we have received your questions and have started processing. You will also receive an email reminder before our meeting begins. While the meeting is conversational we recommend that you allow the Solar Professional to first answer your question in detail before engaging in additional questions. Additional questions will be facilitated as long as you have time available during your meeting session.

We value our customers feedback and we use this information to enhance our Ask a Pro experience. Since most persons utilize our consultation services multiple times, your feedback does not only help to better the service experience for future users but also for your future questions. We pride ourselves for using simple language that even a basic person can understand and we ensure that our responses are as clear and easy to understand as possible. 

Ask a PRO  is a consultation Service that support Solar Installers and students at Step by Step Solar

Choose the perfect plan

The options below allows you to select the duration of your consultation with the Solar Professional. 


5 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes

It’s now time to ASK A PRO

Our clients say

"The Ask a Pro consultation service offered by Kimroy Bailey Renewables Ltd is just remarkable. They were very quick to respond to my inquiry and the 10 minute appointment was the most informative Solar Session I have had. It was like a crash course"
Hilary Leigh
"I am the biggest ambassador for ASK a PRO. It is the kind of service where you just have to ask "Why didn't anyone think of this?" I mean Kimroy and the team made the grid tie system so simple. My main question was why when the grid lose power my grid tie system goes off and now with the 5 minute session I understand. Thanks Guys for coming up with this"
Hall Read
"My wife and I have been working on our homestead off grid project for about a year and a half now. I had some may questions about the battery storage. In all my Google search I did not get any information as comprehensive as the 15 minutes with Kimroy provided. The $45 was WELL worth IT!"
Quintin Angus
"I have been designing solar systems for about 4 years now but on this particular 500kW system I wasn't sure how the string inverters work and how many combiner boxes I will need to include in my design. I did two 15 minute session with ASK a PRO and it was money well spent. Thank you!"
Jillie Tempest

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