The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society hosted one of the largest Transmission and Distribution Technical Conferences on the 7-10th of May 2012 at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando Florida, USA. The conference which was title sponsored by IEEE, The Orlando Utility Company and Progress Energy hosted thousands of student Engineers and Professionals and exhibitors. The three days conference was a great place to be to learn about the for the latest development in the Energy Transmission and Distribution industry, Smart Grid, Renewable integration and some of the leading edge technologies in the field. The Conference was packed with infomative tutorials, seminars and lectures under the theme Making Innovation Work for Tomorrow which truly reflects the electric utility industry, and in particular, power delivery as it faces an ear of change [1]. The Goal of the conference was to provide attendees with information about practical solutions to their most pressing problems[1].

The Opening Session on Tuesday May 8 by Loyd M. Yates, President and CEO of Progressive Energy Carolina Inc. 

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