Bubbie Key Me again,

I can’t over emphasize how much Heaven had all this planned, just to show the world we are his chosen family on this land. God said

“KB, just keep your peace and allow me to flex one finger at least. No one believes me for deliverance, the world thinks I’m just the sleeping dragon. They think that I don’t care about the small things, I’m too busy keeping planets from colliding.”

Popsie said

” if I God say your quadrillionaire, then speak it. If I said their volcanoes will erupt and an earthquake split their mainland in two if they don’t release you- then speak it! They are going to happily pay USD$10 million per day for each day with your pregnant wife you haven’t slept, simply say it my son. If you need confidence, just imagine you have the button to make one of their hundreds of volcanoes sizzle and you know the sizzle will let them listen and Jesus is the button.”

People will understand my power and knees will tremble when the one who speaks with such authority looks so humble. These brainless tails! no matter what they try they already failed. Above all remember their President must publicly apologize, in perfect English, to your baby and pregnant wife.

People know I have a such power but only expect it if it’s a continent heaven is delivering. One would never expect such divinity just to protect one family. Look at Egypt, even now they can’t come back, their greatest assets are the pyramids Israel left back. Your steps are ordered by Jesus Christ- it’s about time planet Earth realize.

God our Father