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The best way to discuss this topic is to provide examples. This curse of poverty hugs every nation on earth. While it may be demonstrated in different ways based on region or race, it’s so common that anyone reading this article will quickly agree that they have and are wallowing in a poverty mentality.

We will start with our region, the Caribbean, and our race because we grew up in a country filled with lack. Hence it’s easy to discuss our old torn-out roots.

The first poverty is the poverty/lack of self-confidence which is engrained in all commonwealth people. Every nation once ruled by the British and which still subscribes to its systems: law, education, etc is devoid of self-belief/confidence. That includes you India. In the Caribbean, you are never good enough. Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, etc is never better than America, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. A Jamaican is never better than an American. This unsaid but well-known mentality is evident from the fact that the Caribbean countries only copy whatever these “developed broke pocketed” nations like America do. The Caribbean doesn’t try to be original, doesn’t think their ideas are good enough. Even though the Caribbean is a place of island beauty, top quality air, warm seas teeming fishes and with beautiful reefs, laid back vibes, delicious fruits, wonderful sunshine, and skilled people yet every Caribbean person is willing to cast off these to go and live in even more poverty and lack in the United States.

A Caribbean person never leaves their country with the mindset to conquer America and to be a top boss in another man’s land. Instead, they leave with the mindset to go work in some of the lowliest jobs in that country. They are intimidated by the American systems and never want to get into trouble, hence always bowing their heads and eating the shitty attitude served to them on a plate.

American work-life is disgusting. American modern culture is also built on false lifestyles and loose morals and confusion. There is nothing desirable or enviable about that nation as it currently is. However as we said before, you can never get a Caribbean person to see through America’s or England’s bullshit and obvious poverty. This lack of self-belief for a Caribbean person has been ingrained since childhood.

1.Foreigners are treated better than  Caribbean nationals in a Caribbean country. e.g. the most obvious example being better and quicker lines at immigration, etc

2. Any Caribbean native who travels to America or UK is catapulted to God-like status by their own people. It’s the boast of every little girl or boy how they stayed two weeks in Fort Lauderdale and went to Disney World. Mind you everyone was working so they couldn’t take their young relative out for more than one day in all the two weeks. So you were stuck in their squeezed up apartment or house watching cable. You never explored or enjoyed yourself. You were grudgingly given food and board. If you were lucky they took you to the dollar store and bought you a T-shirt. This poor and slave-like living in America is the envy of every deluded Caribbean person. This is the poverty they aspire for.

One thing the earth has been able to do pretty effectively is to call those who are truly rich, ‘poor’ and call the poor, ‘rich’. They will never tell a 10-year-old child in the Jamaican hills of St. Mary, Westmoreland, or Portland how ridiculously wealthy they are just by being able to hop from Mango 🥭️Tree to Orange, to plum, to sweetsops, etc or to eat an entire bunch of Mr. Brown’s banana. How wealthy you are when you can wax(eat) through some sticky jackfruit, papayas and use some jelly coconut water from the pine walk to wash it all down.

Ask the broke foreigner when was the last time they ate some juicy mangoes 🥭. As a matter of fact ask them when was the last time they indulged in any fruit for that matter. If they don’t have some family member leaving from the Caribbean to go and visit them in their poverty life they will never taste some roasted breadfruit. Even more important ask Ms. Manhattan, miss blonde uptown socialite if she even knows what a jackfruit is, if she even knows the fresh taste of milk, if she knows how an orange grows. This poor bitch driving around in a Range Rover, living in her penthouse prison and living off credit cards. This fully system cookie bitch spending thousands on Prada bags made in China who thinks “organic” milk means a cow fed by organic bag feeding and that it is superior to a cow who eats grass. What the fuck is “organic” – why are you city people so easily fooled? Isn’t Ms. Manhattan depicted as the envy of all!

Anyway back to broke foreigner- Unless Mr. Broke Foreigner is juggling 3 jobs, working 18 hours per day and stressed for the remaining 6 without sleep or peace of mind they are not able to afford to push their grocery cart to the fruits and vegetables section of Walmart because real fruits are expensive. They better enjoy some juice from ‘concentrate’ and if concentrate is not enough the package clearly labels that the concentrate is made from artificial flavoring. Don’t talk about the milk concentrate- that is made from play dough, mixed with saw dust, colored with white spray paint and topped off with notroxide to give it a 10 year shelf life. But Mr Broke foreigner is considered rich just because he lives abroad and the country kid is called poor. Surprise, surprise!


The world calls rich countries poor and poor countries rich. A country is called rich if it’s citizens need to juggle 3 jobs to survive. But you are poor if you can survive without a job. If you can go down to the sea🌊, catch a fish🎣, roast the fish under a coconut tree 🏝 and while your at it drink two coconuts 🥥then you’re definitely considered poor.

Living in a Caribbean nation as a child your parents also swamped you in poverty mentality. They were training you to think like them and become like them when you were an adult. Who doesn’t know that you can only fry one egg, god forbid you should make an omelette. Who doesnt know that one jug of juice should last a family of five for at least two weeks in a Caribbean family, in a black family.

” How could you fill up your glass to the brim with juice? How you so greedy!” was common in all households. Who doesnt know that they cant eat more than one or two pieces of chicken or that you add more tomatoes to stretch the gravy. The only abundance demonstrated to you as a kid was during the few days of Christmas. Even Christmas itself is an evidence against the people of the world on how fucked up their mentality has become when happiness and abundance and joy can be regulated to a few days out of the year during this season. Even more fucked up is that this poverty thinking is seen as a badge of pride and honour, your seen as thrifty and resourceful. Poverty thinking is a choice, so is the acceptance of poverty.

In the Caribbean, everything feels like a struggle. The concept of planting some strawberries baffles the mind. Anything foreign is seen as hard to do, you need some expert to come and tell you how to do it. This inculcation did not miss the Caribbean leaders, they were children who grew into adults too. So now you have leaders with no self belief, no original ideas who are forever looking handouts from so called “developed nations.” As children they were never encouraged to think for themselves, all individuality was beaten out of you under the adopted british school system. Your ideas as a child was never good enough- kids should know their place is the mentality world over. So eventually creativity, originality and all the life that was bursting out of a young heart and mind was brutally whittled away until everyone became the same. Now you wonder why your leaders seem so brain dead, just devoid of ideas. You didn’t just magically become adults. Your childhood is the most important season of your life. It shapes a lot of character and mentality. However the time of life that is so valuable has been cursed by generations after generations with “shut up, you must neither be seen or heard”, ” your so rude”, “why are you full of so much energy, go sit in a corner,” ‘if only i never birthed you!”.

You think from this cess pool of poverty parenting that large numbers of great people will emerge. Thank God for people like us who never succumbed to our so called “reality”, that dodged all the grenades and arrows aimed at our self belief. Literally we thank God.

Let’s move on to another part of the world. The “great” England and its baby America. These nations were once great. Once upon a time England explored new lands and conquered. It built beautiful architecture and expanded the thinking of the world, some for good some for bad. America once teemed with opportunities, many coming to this new world from many nations seeking their fortune and a new life. Cut to modern day, after the great depression and we have a nation that never mentally recovered from that season of difficulty that it experienced. The best example of what we are talking about will be seen in their thought pattern for building cities.

Let us talk about the poverty in the modern day construction and the poverty mentality of building cities.

If your country has 400 people living on 400 acres, 1 acre each per family, then that sounds poor, that sounds like the government is not ‘managing resources wisely’.  On the other hand, if you have 400 people living on 1/8 acre, in a ‘skyscraper’ then that sounds like the great America. Efficient management of resources here. You have no parking space, overcrowded cities, hot and sticky, half of your life is spent in traffic or train station but who cares, that’s a rich country for you. Wrong.

You are considered rich if the only way to home ownership 🏠 is to get a 40-year yoke around your neck like an ox and call the yoke mortgage. But if you live in a country where you build your house room by room and finish in 5 years not owing a damn thing to anyone then you’re certainly poor. Makes sense right? Wrong.

What the fuck is so cutting edge about a square tall building called a skyscraper? Which part of that takes great skill? What’s so great about living on top of each other? Your shit flowing down eighty floors on to another’s shit till finally, it clogs its way into the overburdened city sewage system. What’s great about cheap drywall and hearing your neighbors flush their toilets.

America and England alike have packed millions of its citizens into tiny apartments in the cities. The benefits they say are access to centralized transport with bus and train systems, creating a central corporate work environment, housing people efficiently, etc.

Mind you the droves of people running to the cities for jobs resulted from their own Governments destroying other once profitable industries by signing horrid trade agreements.

This densely populated place called the city, bitched up together quickly in an effort to pool resources, ends up costing you billions more in maintenance. You know a country is poor when it’s citizens have to pay for everything, down to a bottle of water. There is no abundance to be seen in the cities, no kindness. Hardship abounds, thirst for sales, traffic jams, no parking, noise, stench, no parks, minimal greenery. Just poor.

Let us contrast Turkey with America for example

A typical Turkish breakfast spread for the average family includes

  • fresh-baked bread from the Firin (Turkish bakery)
  • yogurt
  • cheese
  • jams
  • fresh tomatoes
  • olives
  • sausage
  • chocolate spread
  • assorted pastry
  • pişi
  • and Turkish eggs.

Here is a nation wealthier than America but completely convinced by American tv fakery that they are inferior. Similar to the Caribbean, a Turk is dying to get an American Visa. Once they arrive in the drywall monstrosity that is America their illusions are quickly dashed. However since they are still seen as being better off by the people back home in Turkey, they will never tell the truth of how fucked up life is in America

So now living on acres of land, owning animals and having access to fresh meat, milk, cheese, etc, and having a whole ecosystem for your family has been traded for the false glamour of poor city life. Now the government’s greatest concern is how they can extend the shelf life of foods for city dwellers. God forbid people in the city should have access to freshly squeezed orange juices, fresh milk, and fresh meat. This access to high-quality fresh foods, access to space and greenery, families owning acres of land, which was once commonplace a hundred years ago, is now an impossible luxury in the city.

Let us emphasize how fucked up the poverty mentality is

Milk which is supposed to be consumed fresh daily is being processed to last for weeks, and wouldn’t city people be happy if it could last longer. So fucked up in their minds they have all become. They just can’t understand the concept of quality, the concept of abundance. Frankly reforming this existing generation is beyond anyone’s abilities. This generation will simply have to grow old and die out so that fresh foundations for the principles of abundance can be laid for a new generation.

We will continue this topic using other nations as examples in another article. We are tired from all this writing and are very happily enjoying abundance. Moreover discussing this topic with people drenched in poverty mentality is like hitting one’s head into a brick wall. They just don’t get it. Abundance can’t be explained to them it can only be displayed in their faces till they burn with envy. Peace