From KB to Sher:

My baby, my sweet Sher, my supply of pure love. My love source that replenishes itself with every breath. I can’t wait to hold you, can’t wait to kiss you, can’t wait to swarm you with my love like a hive of bees. That sweet soft skin, tight firm body…hmmm….today I’m missing my baby….(Deep Deep Breaths) Few tear drops just ran down my cheeks- don’t know where it came from because I had it all together before I decided to pen this letter.

Two nights ago I wrote about our love. How we were akin to the windpipe. The windpipe isn’t even listed as a vital organ but yet it can’t be blocked- not even for a few minutes. You can live with one liver, one kidney, even a battery powered heart but can’t go five minutes with a blocked windpipe. That’s our love in a nutshell.

We are never mad at each other. Even if one partner annoys the other, within minutes even without apologies we are over it. God said that alone is miraculous. He said,

” don’t let the sun go down on your anger” and yet couples find it impossible to reconcile in 12 hours.

God comes on the Line:

My kids, your love is so remarkable that mankind would see it as a burden should I say, ‘Love your wife as KB loves Sher’. Search the bible, none has ever asked for marriage advice and when they do it’s

” If a man can divorce his wife?”. As Sher would say, “What the fuck is this shit!”

Instead of asking how to unlock a love like yours, everybody’s looking for an exit clause. Such fucking tails!

I surely can’t tell these bitches to ‘love your husband as Sher loves KB’. These swines want to keep options open. They keep in contact with the past and scouting for the future with the mantra ” cause you never know”. Yes, I know, I know you’re a stink pussy bitch wondering why you can’t get a good man! Guys let me go drink some coffee and cool down. Very hot coffee cools me down because I take long to drink it. Cold water don’t help cause it done too fast. Love you Guys. All is well.

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