From KB to Sher:

It feels so easy to let the pen meet the paper,
My pumpkin you've poured so much love I'm always running over

You’ve given so much inspiration, feel like I could write on forever,

You keep me going, you’re my lifesaver,

If it wasn’t for your memories, I’d be like a sheep without a pasture,

or more like a bird without a feather out in the freezing weather.

Today all I can think about is- how are you doing?

Even as my tears flow freely, Jesus is beside me saying,

‘ KB all is well, you shouldn’t be worrying.’

Well Jesus answer this, How can the Amazon live without the rain 🌧️?

I want this to be over, I want to stop our pain,

Wanna see those full soft lips when it’s calling my name,

Jesus’ telling me ‘don’t be down he’s with you Sher so your feeling better.’

I tell him ‘ leave me be, let me write my sad letter’

Sher, Behind every line I’ve ever written is a man who loves you dearly,

I’m strong, the day goes on only cause I have your memory,

You taught me how to live, you did it single handedly

Your my little dove, so patient with your big Ox-y,

See you soon Sher, lay my head on your legs,

You can stroke my hair gently,

It’s just a matter of time before you start to twist it,

It’s like you can’t help your fingers, that’s my sweet baby,

I love love loving you Boobies Key, mwah.

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