From KB to Sher:

So today my Queen, like every other day, your love wraps all around me. All I can think of or think about is how much I’m loved by you and how I can’t do without your love.

So I asked God if he isn’t Jealous? Because even though I’d love to play spiritual and holy- I can’t tell God that I love him more than Sher. So Popsie( nickname for God) laughed a big haughty laugh and applauded my honesty…to my surprise actually 😯

Again God the Storyteller started with a story:

There was a man on an island fed honey daily,

(God’s literally talking as I write so I don’t know the end either,😁)

This man enjoyed every bit of the bee’s daily honey. One day, while he has never seen this bee, the man was asked which would he prefer, the honey or the bee?

” the bee” he responded, thinking it’s the right thing to say to show his appreciation. The next day he went for honey but only saw the bee who said to him,

” here I am, have me.”

The man later died of hunger since he can’t eat the bee.

God interjects:

You can only imagine how David pines in Heaven for a love like yours. Sher is flesh of your flesh, you’re made to love her more than me. That’s what happen to Billy Graham; forgot his household in the name of loving me. His wife who he can see he can’t love, yet it’s God who he can’t see he will love?!😐 Heaven is not impress as Sher would say!

Same with Sher, she loves you more than God because your presence itself is that of me!

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