From KB to Sher:

I had no idea in the world that an angel would be my girl.
My love, my precious wife,
Because of you I now live a priceless life.
God aka Popsie, once said we're his gift to each other,
Kept wondering how does that work, who's our real mother?
So with all this quiet time I demanded the answer 
As per usual here comes God the story teller:

So there was a warrior and his lone stallion,
In days of war fed it prize wheat and fresh escallion,
Gave it the best barn envied by the batallion
They together would single handedly quiet a whole rebellion,
When war was over he worked it like a mule,
Fed it dry grass and It slept where it stool,
At the war cry here came this fool,

" Who are you saddling you little monkey?
You are better off going to war with the community donkey!"

People are seasonal, they're quite contrary,
They are easily bought like fresh cow dairy,

Women and relationship is a glamified strip shop, "Buy me weave and boobs" and
I'll love you for that; but like the warrior and horse they love not,
Made just for each other, KB and Sher,
Like newborn babes the moment you met,
Heaven washed away your past so everything was set,
Ten years later you haven't disappoint
Your Heaven's best love so to you Jesus we appoint.

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