From KB to Sher:

My Queen, the ruler of my heart, the day flies by so fast. I exercised, had 3 meals, ate an apple, a banana and watch TV. Then comes the end of the day. It’s dead quiet here, you can hear a pin drop. There are also some squeaking crickets outside that I can hear. I speak to them every once in a while through the bathroom window. They’re friendly but never show themselves. I’ll send this love letter to you through them. They say I should simply come and read it in the morning. There are four of them so they’ll remember the parts and read it to you all together. Should they not be able to make the full journey they have assured me that their competent companions will get the job done and my ‘Letters of love for Sher’ delivered wherever you are.

Sher i’m so happy for this experience, today Jesus and I were talking about our love, KB and Sher. He showed me how throughout all mankind there has never been a love like this. It is something I got the chance to see through everything that has happened. I told Jesus that above all else he shouldn’t let you cry. I’m all you have, the same way you’re all I have. I remember like it was yesterday…I first saw you in the bank. Your beauty consumed me like a dragon breathing fire down my back. I stood no chance against such a love attack. Since then we have followed Christ, burn the world and lived only for each other. I love you Sher and like you I can love no other.

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