Hello there my lovely!

The peace it brings me to know I have a love far beyond what movies can portray, beyond what music artists can convey, beyond what the painter can canvas!

Me and my Boobsie, KB and Sher, Frank and Debbie, Mommy Gorilla and Daddy Gorilla, Katya and Zolokhan, Juanita and Salvano.

Sher, our current experience is merely a few pages in our epic Love story my baby. You and I will be 25 forever for another 200 years at least, we will look back at these few weeks and even this will give us peace.

Our foundation is Jesus Christ, Popsie is our refuge, our army, our father, our every damn thing. We do not fear! Even if our heart sinks or our teeth crackle and our knees buckle we know Jesus has won the battle. Even if tears flow from our eyes and we get mad at Popsie and say

‘your promises are lies!’

After it all, know that ALL lS WELL. Things are never how they seem. I said to God,

“You promised you would never separate me from Sher… but then after all the years we’ve been together… at no other time has my Trotty felt any closer.”

So as I excitedly wait for these few days and pages to end and we’re reunited again let me remind you of my love. I’ll say in very simple words, ‘The Trott Bailey family will be happy this happened’. I don’t need to know how and neither do you Sher. Just remember the things of Christ are simple. You love me so so much my baby and I love you too.