Hello Baby Girl, the light of KB’s world.

I keep rereading your letter, I was happy to see it's five pages. Your writing is so sweet, it just sucks you in like quick sand and before you know it, the letters end and you feel like you just started. I particularly like the part about the alternative to believing all the promises of Popsie. What kind of people would we be like without our faith?Just faithless, system cookies tossed to and fro by everybody's mouth, two more wilderbeasts, unreasoning and unthinking! It makes so much sense when you put it that way. In your letter to God, you said " no wonder you say your thoughts and ways are not like a human's thoughts". I would say the same about your thoughts Sher. No woman on the planet would say, ' Give back the Lego Kits and manufacture your own robot kits." No woman would say, "leave your job and grow your company and as a matter of fact I will leave my job too and come help you." No woman would say, 'Why are you only marketing to locals when the world is the same click away?" 
It just doesn't make sense, one Tuesday evening you booked three tickets for our family to go to a whole other world. Two days later we were in Russia heading to Turkey. Who the fuck does that? You could have cashed in for Miami; stay there and get some contracts for solar projects here and there, live the overworked "American Dream". But because of your thoughts, your ways, your illogical logics, I have been living the best life in the world beyond what I had ever imagined for myself! Oh my God, What would I do without you! If I love you anymore, I will just buss (burst).

Your thoughts, Your ways, gave me my own university, our own videos on our Oasis video platform. Me and my awesome family’s sexy body pictures are on our own social media site not on fucked up Facebook, YouTube or instagram. What a sweet deliverance. My letters of how much I love Sher Trott-Bailey on my own website…you cannot understand the multitude of revolutionary things that you have done my wife! You have made our lives amazing. You might think that all those were easy but this current reality is too much. Sher just stop and accept that our lives are miraculous, it is in Jesus we trust. This volcano must erupt, who asks a father for bread and he gives him a stone? Don’t worry, looking back at this you will also classify our current situation as easy. All is well my miraculous wife. I can’t wait to hold you, kiss you and just be all over you again.

Love your KB 💕💕💕

Love KB.