Hello Sher,I can’t stop myself from getting worked up wondering where you will get the strength from to go another 28 days without your KB. Jesus said to me ‘ I will explain how.’

I replied to him, ‘ I don’t want to hear any story!’

So Jesus said he will use me instead to explain how my Sher will make it through more days without her KB. So I agreed and said,” Ok, let’s see if you can let me understand.”


“K.B., the last ten years of your life has been consumed by one woman and the little princess you both brought into the world. Kimroy you are literally obsessed with Sherika Samantha Trott-Bailey. Sher loves you dearly too but your Queen 👑 isn’t one to mince her words, she’s bold enough to tell you that you have an obsession and personal space problem. She always makes Heaven laugh with the ways she tames her big Ox-y. Your obsession is so healthy, where the very thought of another woman not only makes you want to vomit, it disgusts every fiber of your being.

Now my point is this, if the Holy Spirit the comforter and me Jesus your brother, has someway somehow managed to let Your Days go by amidst your ten year obsession of Sher, then rest assured that someway, somehow Sher’s days go by too. The woman of your world, who is equally obsessed, is doing fine….even if she doesn’t know, because things are not how it seems.K.B, you know what’s interesting? Sher actually misses you more for Keilah & the babies in her belly than for herself. She sits and wonder how little princess makes it without big King- you two peas in a pod ( always hiking, going shopping, going to the beach or riding bicycle together). Keilah’s happiness assures her, but that my brother is envied by all man on earth. KB, Sher loves you because you’re her man, because you deal with the good good real good, you’re her Prophet, Priest and King. But for that love to transcend into missing you because of the relationship you share with the fruits of her womb…now that my son has never been seen under the sun. Husband’s barely love their wives muchless their own children. Rest assured Sher is fine despite how you feel and you are fine. ALL IS WELL. Love you both. Jesus Christ aka Jeezy.