God says:

KB you have no idea in the world how much these letters mean to Sher. She’s a woman of novels as you can tell. Your wife is beyond this universe, that you know very well, but she still needs to read of your Love like this, to make her head swell. That my son is putting it simple, these expressions of love has unleashed her hidden dimple and the drawings you scribble tickle her nipple. Your wife is reading this and thinking,

I’m happy my hubby discovered this side, to hear how much I’m loved does drive me wild.”

An honest letter of Love is every woman’s dream, but it’s the honest part.. that’s the problem it seems. Without the word honest then any man can write but no couple in the world stands as just man and wife: it’s you, the in-laws and all the ‘friends- for-life’.

Which woman want to sit and read that:” you mean as much to me as my best friend Pat”.Yet even for that, most wives’ would celebrate because him and his lifelong friend Pat, none can’t separate.

The things that “run road”(the trends) are so pathetic!

Don’t overlook your awesome love because you live in the spirit. Sher, the woman of Proverbs 31 is pale compared to you and KB simply put, your Sher’s dream come true. KB you’re mature look just kept getting hotter and as your hair grew longer, Sher’s Kitty get wetter. Not to mention that rip buff body.. the perfect match for Sher’s sexy figure and perky titties. You must be laughing and wondering, how God so bad?😉, but to see the ‘Love of all Time’…I am just so glad!

Only one reason your kids are so precious, simply put it’s because you two put each other first. You’ll see each other soon I promise.

Lots of Love from God your friend, your Popsie, The I am that I am.