My Rosy Body, Brown Skin Girl,

Como estás? As much as I wished none of this had ever happened, you know what my love? I find myself in a tight in between feeling because a part of me is happy that this is unfolding the way it has. I know your reading this and your probably peeved and saying,

‘ what the fuck! Good for you but I have had enough’

But just hear me out Baby.I’m absolutely in love with reciting all the things God has done in our lives. All the deliverances, the miracles, the blessings, the mental transformation, the supernatural intelligence, youthful appearance, beautiful children, the deep love between us etc. I can talk all about us leaving the verandah and how our lives have never been the same since. When you said,

” Why are you marketing local when the world is right there?” our business has never been the same!

God said out of all his miracles, He is the most proud of uniting us together, husband and wife. He said,

” Sher called out from the depths of her heart for a good man. A no cheating, no headache, Prophet,Priest and King, ripped buff body, long hair, pretty eyes, sweet mouth, life speaking, baby loving, have my back and I have his, good man. I can’t start on what KB wanted, because he has seen his fair share of rat shit women.”

Beyond the verandah, our immeasurable wealth, dream life, our kids and countless other miracles that Popsie has done for us, nothing comes close to his gift of Sher as my life partner( partner for life now and in the hereafter), my heartbeat. God brought us together, who can separate us? None! All is Well. We will find unimaginable joy, recounting how this all ended and seeing the hand of God keeping his family together like chicks under a hen’s feathers. I love you Sher.

Kimroy Bailey aka K.B.