Hey KB and Sher,

You know what I find the most interesting when I calmed the storm that almost capsized the boat with the 12 disciples?
First I was sleeping. Just like you guys I love to sleep because everything is already done. Lots of times I left the disciples to find a quiet corner and sleep. Then when I heard their food steps I wouldn’t kneel down to get up and they concluded that I was praying Lol. 😉.
Who am I to pray? to myself? I told the Pharisees that my disciples don’t fast because I Jesus the bridegroom is with them. Soul if we are not fasting it’s pray I’m going to be praying when heaven is on earth?
The four gospels didn’t write the real me they thought it would be two friendly if they wrote about my personality and being full-breaded Jews they wanted it to sound as prophetic as possible. Just like hold share hesitated to write in her novel that Juanita got some good morning dick. If I hadn’t said to Sher, ‘what’s the big deal? Juanita is married isn’t she?’ . Sher would not have felt at peace about writing that in the novel.

So back to the boat, I was enjoying my dream of when I will see the ‘Love of all time’ which I’m seeing now. The disciples woke me, I calmed the storm and they were surprised! Like what the fuck? Did you wake me to grab a bucket and bail out water? 12 of you, 24 hands was not enough you wanted two more? Really what the f uck they expected? oh they wanted me to run around the boat and join the headless chicken party? scream and shout and ready to die?

Listen to me like the Trott-Bailey Family, anything I do- it’s totally done!
KB told these tails that they don’t know how to grow a country. Do you think it’s by chance Trott Bailey University has an online course for that? KB has marketed their country with hundreds of Oasis videos with billions of views. You have only given to that fucking country and what have they done? Bulgaria begged you to come and do for them what you’ve done for that other country. I bless who you bless and curse who you curse. Bloodclaat, not even Sodom and Gomorrah, Dem ago get crush like mosquitos! ( They are going to be crushed like mosquitos) Fuck is this shit!

Love you guys, All is Well. Jesus.