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Listening to her, he felt encouraged at her point of view. Yes traditions can be changed. By her example, he had seen her take her tribe into new directions. Her efforts at improving the fertility of all the grassland savannah were not selfishly contained to only her tribe but Mabutu and Kezmizi tribe had also benefited. Staying quietly with each other for sometime in silence, both enjoying the sounds of birds and crickets seated on the shaded bench, Zolokhan broke the silence and said.

” It seems we will not be able to talk about where we left off from yesterday. But I will make everything known by the end of my visit Katya. Come let’s get ready to greet our young guests and catch some wild goats” Zolokhan said.

” Are you going to join in the Goat catching Zolo? Are you sure you not too Kingly to get muddy?”Katya teased the handsome man.
Giving her a cute side smile that made his handsome face look very boyish he replied,

 Bring on the goats!”

4 years after the Festivities: “Chieftess the flowers are in full bloom, they are ready to be cut. Should we place the Acaias or the Vermillions around the pathways?” Zihana, Katya’s personal servant asked. “I want a very dramatic and sweet-smelling effect this year Zihana. Mix in some mint bushes and Shamoos with the Acacias…