Year 2050, Location: Mozambique.Trott-Bailey Family

” Why is Senhora Sher doing this again?”(Senhora Sher is Portuguese for Mrs. Sher)” Flavia asked heatedly, tying the last bow on her batch of boxed cake custards.

She was the newest pastry chef on the Kitchen and Agriculture team. She had worked at the Trott-Bailey’s Mozambique house for three years now.

” Flavia you’ve been here for almost three years now and you still don’t understand Senhora Sher’s attitude by now…she does these things because she likes it. Simple.” Chiumbo the lead pastry chef replied.

” Well, but why does she have to give those people in town all of our persimmon wine and custard cakes?” Flavia complained.

” First of all it’s not yours!… remember that, and what do you have against the town’s people? Since you’ve started working here you’ve put on airs, your high up now eh?” Chiumbo asked

” It’s not like that…but those people were so rude to the family a year ago! Ungrateful wretches!” Flavia said huffing

” Well that’s all in the past now eh, plus what better way to shame them than showing them kindness.” Chiumbo said.

The two women were taking a break from organizing the packing out of over two thousand bottles of persimmon fruit wine and many boxes of freshly baked persimmon cake custards, which were to be delivered to the five hundred families living in a small village on the outskirts of the Trott Bailey lands.
The little village accommodated a mixture of refugees from various war torn countries such as Yemen, Sudan and several from Iran.
The Trott-Bailey Family had recently completed proper houses for each registered family. Those who were competent and trustworthy were being helped to have jobs or training in new ventures on the Family’s large estate.

The incident that happened a year ago and had caused Flavia’s hot temper against the refugee villagers, basically went like this:

A year ago a bunch of wayward vagabonds, had slipped in among the people, pretending to be refugees. Wanting to control the people and get benefits, they had set up themselves as some sort of representatives for the people and gave themselves titles. The name of the leader of this group of evil men was Azim.

Azim and his men had started trying to extort the employees who worked in the Kitchen’s and Agriculture department at the Trott-Bailey Bailey Family’s Mozambique estate. When the situation was revealed after several complaints about Azim and his men, the family had them forcibly ejected from their lands.
In retaliation, Azim and his men had incited many others to set fires and destroy property belonging to the family.

A week later, all the vagabonds and all the people that lifted their hands against the Trott-Bailey’s were struck with boils all over their bodies. They weren’t healed until they drove away the main instigators of the fires. The villagers had to come, together as a group, to ask for forgiveness. It was only then that the boils disappeared from their bodies. Ever since then the people had dwelt peacefully in their village.

Back to Flavia and Chiumbo:

” I know I wouldn’t give them nothing.” Flavia said rolling her eyes and pursing out her lips.

” We have so much sweet persimmons this year anyway, better to share them than just watch them spoil.”

” But these persimmons are such exotic and rare fruits here in Mozambique! And those wretches get to eat it.” Flavia huffed.

” Flavia! Okay now! Stop this your name calling now!” Chiumbo warned, her patience with the young girl’s nagging finally running out.

” Your acting like them getting some cakes results in you and your family getting less!” Chiumbo continued saying vexedly.

” Go out into the secondary kitchens and tell the team to start making the Baklavas, Mooncakes and Cream Puffs, if you want something else to do! And call housekeeping to come and take some pastries to Senhor KB and Senhor Rajah. ” Chiumbo ordered Flavia after a brief pause.

“Okay Chiumbo, calm down I won’t say anything more! Jeez!” Flavia replied walking away to run her errands.

” Look at you! Nonsense! The whole family is here together at their Mozambique house, We haven’t seen them in a year….isn’t that enough reason for Senhora Sher to celebrate! You want to be a wet blanket and be complaining. Look at you! You better not make me have to report you to Mrs.Luca. You and your sour attitude sometimes! Nonsense!” Chiumbo said rebukingly to a retreating Flavia.

Chiumbo loved her job and was fiercely loyal to the family. She had been with the Trott-Bailey’s for over eighteen years. She remembered that her first day on the job she was offered her choice of houses and land anywhere in the world that she wanted.
Her good mood quickly came back as she began working on a caramel sauce for her naseberry flavored gelato ice cream. Even if the family was not here, there were always buzzes of activity to keep her work exciting.

For example, her department, Kitchen & Agriculture, grew food, made fresh meals and fresh juices and pastries for: all the other staff and their families, all the family’s homes for the homeless and pregnancy centers for pregnant mother’s in crisis. Many times there were also foreign dignitaries staying in the guests houses. Many celebrities in different fields: writers, actors, singers, painters, inventors etc were freely invited here and they came here for inspiration. Even a Prince had gotten married here.

There was also a steady inflow of Christian missionaries who were brought here to recuperate and relax. These altogether kept the Kitchen and Agriculture department buzzing with life and creativity.

“Yes, there was never a dull day,” Chiumbo thought.

While Chiumbo was busy churning her gelato ice cream and preparing her caramel sauce, housekeeping had promptly delivered the treats to Senhor KB and Rajah who were seated beside each other in a large living room. Rajah watched as his children took a nap on the plush carpets and pillows on the floor. KB also looked at the beautiful faces of his grandchildren.

” Rajah, You and Keilah are really doing a great job with Australia’s Agriculture and water supply. In just these last five years alone, you two have helped that continent to become so fruitful. Bush fires are no longer a problem with all the available wells and dams that are now all over the country.” KB praised his son-in-law.

” Thanks for the praise Dad, but you know it was you and Mom that fertilized that country for twenty years without seeing any results. We are all benefitting from your foresight.” Rajah in his usual style, deflected from taking praise.

” When God told us to tell the Australian government to fertilize the continent with all manner of manure we obeyed him. The Australians thought we were bat shit crazy! Ironically it’s Bat’s shit that’s made the best manure. Look at Australia’s soil now!” KB replied.

” Dad these custards are great, taste some.” Rajah said interjected excitedly

Both men, among other things, shared a love for pastries. KB took up one of the custard cake and took a slice.

” What are you tasting?” KB asked

” I definitely taste the persimmons. Chiumbo used the right amount of nutmeg. This custard cake is a really interesting texture.” Rajah said rapidly.

Nodding KB his head in agreement, KB made quick work of his custard slice and took another slice.

” Rajah how is your cashew project going?” KB asked going back to their original conversation regarding agriculture in Australia.

” Great actually, as you know we can get two things from the cashew, it’s fruit which grows on top of the nut and the nut itself. The fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins. It’s good for juices and confectionaries. Then for our cashew nut we ground it into a rich porridge mix, it also goes great with coffee or hot cocoa, and we also make cashew butter.” Rajah summarized

” Your special skill for experimenting with new foods is amazing to see on such a large scale. What about our food outlets?”

” Everything is still kept free and distributed through our own networks and that of some third party contractors.”

” How did Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand etc react to your cashew products?” KB questioned.

” The people of these countries were polled after a year, cashew porridge and butter are the biggest hits especially among mothers. Meanwhile the men love cashew fruit juice and have made their own concoctions using our cashew juice citing that it’s good for their erections.” Rajah answered.

” Mhmm,” KB said and chuckled, ” It always comes back down to the dick with us men doesn’t it.” He said further and chuckled even more

” Now that mangoes are being grown in Australia, those other countries will soon have to barter with Australia with something other than Mangoes. Right?”

” Eventually but as it is now the mango industry is still fledging, and with the boost in population growth and new immigrants in Australia, the domestic demand for mangoes won’t be abating anytime soon. So we will still barter and import from Thailand, Phillipines etc.” Rajah summed up.

Changing the topic, Rajah said,

“So Kezideck is falling in love and Kaitou got married to Zhannur.” 😁

” Mhmm You and Keilah always have the scoop first..😏… hmm, Kezideck hasn’t come and spoken to me about it yet.”

” Don’t worry Dad, I’m sure he will say something before the reunion here is over.” Rajah said,

” I’m so happy. Though I can give my children love as a father, I can’t give them the love they will need from their spouse. Keilah was blessed with you and you were blessed with her, now Kaitou has found his Zhannur and now Kezideck is next. To find the right spouse, your other half for life is a special gift only our Jesus can give.” KB said feelingly.

Rajah looked at the handsome man before him, his long hair showing no signs of gray even at fifty. Frankly his father in law looked like an older brother. His light brown eyes clear and commanding yet gentle. Once again Rajah felt honored to call this man his Father.

” Rajah this talk of love has me feeling to go look for my Sher. ” KB said rising from his comfortable chair.

Chuckling Rajah said,

” Ok Dad, see ya later.”

After his father in law had left, Rajah decided to lay down with the kids and take a nap too. Just as he was in between falling asleep and consciousness, he felt the presence of Jesus enter the room. Turning his head to the right, Rajah saw Him seated in his chair. Jesus was dressed in a white merino and blue shorts. His exposed arms had tattoos of a beautiful scenery of the sea meeting mountains. The colours were so rich and vivid it was like the tattooed scene on Jesus’ srms were really alive.

” Your here. What’s with this particular appearance?Tattoos?” Rajah questioned sleepily.

Chuckling Jesus said,

” To remind you to never box me in. What?… you wanted to see me with my white hair and white robes like John saw me in the book of Revelations?”

Rajah remained quiet and didn’t answer.

” You remember when you just met Keilah? Your heart nearly leaped out of your chest when you saw her.” Jesus said chuckling.
” You didn’t sleep for three days, just thinking about her.” Jesus continued saying.

The memory quickly flashed through Rajah’s mind. He had seen her bending over with her hands cupped, drinking from a outdoor pipe. He had watched as she finished drinking, turned off the pipe and flashed her right hand to dry it. She had been dressed in a floral Kurta set. Her lush thick curly hair was in an intricately styled updo. He has never seen someone quite so exotic, Rajah had thought then. Jesus started speaking again,

” It was the same for her meeting you. She felt like she was punched in the gut but with the most sweetest of feelings. Keilah had met your sisters and had been invited to your home to eat with your family. You had just returned from your farm, dirty, sweaty and hungry. Yet when you glimpsed Keilah you forgot all your hunger. You questioned your youngest and closest sister Fidyah…. who was the young woman in the house? You took the longest shower of your life, wanting to look your best in front of this woman. You couldn’t explain it, it’s not like there weren’t many pretty girls in your village. Why were you so stirred? you asked yourself. It was Heaven stirring you, giving you signs of your future wife.” Jesus summarized Rajah’s and Keilah’s first meeting.

” When you found out who Keilah was and her family’s background, you felt like you were not good enough. ‘The differences between your wealth, your lifestyle, prestige were too vast’, you reasoned. You felt your hands were too rough looking and full of corns and cuts. You felt her parents would disapprove of you. Oh how you were proven wrong my young and silly Rajah.” Jesus continued narrating.

” As KB rightly said, with all the wealth in the world, he could never buy the right man for Keilah. That’s something only heaven can give. Her parents did not care about status or wealth, they just wanted the man God had chosen. You never expected that the men of her family, her father and brothers, would humble themselves and come to live with you and your family for a year did you? Work alongside you and your village? All to convince you that you were accepted and to get you two married. KB did it for Keilah because he loved his daughter, the boys loved their sister. The Trott-Bailey men also understood the importance of genuine love between a man and woman. The sons had the experience of seeing this love between their parents, KB and Sher growing up.” Jesus said and continued weaving more of the story.

” Now look at you, those rough hands are so treasured by your wife as you caress her silky smooth skin and stroke her butt each night.” Jesus said while making goofy kissy faces 😚😚😋.

Trying not to blush, ☺️Rajah had to remind himself to get use to this side of Jesus. The Jesus who would openly talk about sex and intimacy between men and women. Before Rajah could think of a response, a deep sleep engulfed him.😴

Meanwhile Upstairs in another wing of the estate.

” Sher what are you eating now?”

A delighted Sher looked up from her snack to see her husband coming into one of their bedrooms.

” Babes, how did you know I wanted to see you?” Sher asked😚🤗

“You always want to see me, that’s how.” KB answered confidently.😉

” That’s true.” Sher said with a bright unashamed smile.

” Mhmm, rice, dried baby shrimps, and sweet sticky pecans all wrapped together in fish flavored laver (note: laver is dried edible seaweed)…what a combination! only my little food lover Sher.” KB said after scanning Sher’s plate.

” There is yummy persimmon custard cakes in the Kitchen, have you tried it yet?”

” Of course babes, I was among those who got to taste the first few slices.” Sher replied.

Her response brought a huge knowing smile to KB’s face. His wife was so simple, feed her food she likes and some good loving from her husband and she would be as content as a warm kitten. KB reached out for one of her seaweed wraps and tasted her combo. It was surprisingly not bad. Certainly some interesting tastes coming through.

” Wifey, how are your dreams of Katya and Zolokhan coming along. What’s happened to them now?” KB asked curiously.

” Oh babes ring the Kitchen for some more custard cakes and a pitcher of plum juice and some passion fruit wine.” KB said while settling in beside his wife on a large fluffy sofa.

Sher did as he asked. When she was done giving her instructions, she turned back to KB and excitedly told him all that had happened with Katya and Zolokhan.

” Katya and Zolokhan are now the rulers of Cappadocia. At the sacred pick both their wooden numbers had gotten stuck together from some honey that had dripped on the wood.” Sher told KB

” So without doing anything or going to war Katya and Zolokhan ended up becoming the rulers…just like God and Jesus had said to each other on the back of the wagon. Wow, interesting turn of events.” KB said 🤔

” Yep!” Sher replied.

Sher was looking especially fetching today. She wore a pinkish- purple, off shoulder romper, with a white collar detail at the neck. She had on a simple crystal necklace with a self shimmering large round crystal as the pendant. The large crystal, now named as Dalfonite, had been discovered from one their mines. It was especially beautiful because it emitted a bright shimmering light all the time.

Her thick and beautiful curly hair was pulled back in a half updo, which was shaped out like a bow. Her hair was also adorned with Dalfonite laden hair pins.

” You look so delicious my wife. This hairstyle on you is one of my favorites.” KB complimented her.

Smiling at his praise, Sher kissed his cheeks and snuggled into his big chest.

” I love dressing up for you big gorilla🦍.” Sher replied. The two love birds then fell into a long fifteen minutes of kissing, hugging and squeezing each other before KB finally asked,

So what’s next? What ever happened to those black tongued women?…ah..what’s her name?..ah yes!… Acidah and her gang?”

Just as Sher was about to answer, KB carried on asking,

“Was Queen Nubuli ever found out? And didn’t elder Tacan go to visit some cannibal tribe in the mountains? What happened to him?” KB questioned curiously.

” Ok let me tell you….” Sher said and began filling in those parts for KB.