Most of us have heard about the all powerful or all loving side of God but my favorite aspect of him is his Goofy and funny side.

I have moved pass the servant to master type of relationship and i consider myself God’s daughter and God as my father. Our best times together, at least for me, is when we are joking around or I’m making fun of him.

İ prefer God’s funny and lighthearted side. Why? Because by nature, İ am a serious person but i don’t want to be serious- i want to laugh and be cheerful. İ want to be happy and enjoy life while i am on the Earth and not just have to wait until i reach Heaven. This includes enjoying God’s friendship and company.

So my sweetest times talking to God is when I’m making fun of him or ” pulling his leg” as they say. Like for example, İ will be like,

‘ Hey don’t fart up the throne up there.’

I already know he doesn’t have an inferior human body that makes stinky farts and that nothing can defile Heaven- that’s why it’s so funny! İ love poking him in the side, grubbing him.

Other times when we talk using my imagination; i imagine us meeting up at a location in Heaven or somewhere on Earth. I imagine us eating watermelon together sitting by a lake. ( No i don’t need to imagine his face, for all you bible thumping sticklers that will make an issue out of my statement about imagining God. Y’all are so annoying. But I choose to remain unbothered by you fuckers 😜).

İ remember once saying frustratedly to God after we had eaten our watermelon,

” You know i really want to love you and trust you with all my heart but no matter how much i try or decide to do it, i can’t keep it up! Could you please just give me a heart that loves you totally?”

God replied several things but two of the things that He said- that i can remember just now, were:

  • ‘ Sher you will never be able to love me to the same degree to which i love you.’

  • Remember that you still have a fleshly body that was born in sin. So naturally you have hindrances in the flesh that will prevent you from loving me completely and trusting me totally at all times and in all situations. But don’t you worry about it, i do not hold it against you. Remember i am the author and perfector of your faith and love. İt is not for you to work it out, i will work it out in you as i so choose and in the perfect timing.’

The funny, brash and arrogant side of God is totally refreshing to me. İt would surprise any church stiffs and hypocrites, how very different God’s views are… on a number of things that are so commonly accepted by the church. İt would surprize you the reader to know just how unbothered God is about the things that are happening in the world. His answer to everything is always

” All is well, I’m in total control.”

God often tells me about how many believers that are so surprised when they reach Heaven- and they find out how much more fun and enjoyment they could have had on the Earth. They never understood, while they were alive, the full freedom that they had in Jesus Christ. They were only taught to see God as an old stiff on the throne that only put you through trials and suffering, who barely answered your prayers. So when they reach Heaven- and are enlightened even more about God, they are truly surprised.

Sometimes i look at my own daughter Keilah and i think,

“Wow, to be so carefree again…to where your whole purpose each day is to play and enjoy yourself to the maximum. No other cares, just enjoying life. How sweet!”

These thoughts and secret desires which bubble up in my heart ❤️, God knows them.

İn one of our discussions, using speaking in tongues and then interpreting the tongue;God tells me of his drinking his coffee and calling a meeting with Paul the apostle. İt peeved God that Paul wasn’t more light hearted in some of his writings and was so busy trying to impress the Jewish scholars with long winded words and impressive sounding arguments. Jesus too has complained to me often about Luke, and his other disciples; about why they never wrote of all the fun times they all had together. İt wasn’t all suffering or fasting all the time.

God diffuses my anger

There have been so many times when I have been angry 😡 at Him and called him the worst type of names. Like the times i felt like he was silent, or like he had abandoned me or during a season of trial and hardships which were too much for me.

Yet his response many times has been like that of the Snicker’s commercial….the one where the guy gets cranky and his friend says “Eat a snicker your not thinking straight.”

After my tantrums, God is like

” Are you done? You know you get a little crazy when your hungry….here eat a watermelon.”

This peace offering of food, i huffily take and quiet down. God takes no offense, offers no condemnation or guilting. I am after all his daughter and he is my father. İt’s our relationship.

When it is his turn to get angry because i refuse to be appeased by his calm assurances ‘that there are some things he is doing in my life that are necessary for my growth, that right now, i just won’t understand… but later i will see it’ was all worth it, God just huffily says,

” Shut up and eat something.” 🤣

İ will definitely be that saint/believer in heaven devouring all the different food and fruits that are up there.

So many times God has quipped to me that,

” Sher, you will definitely fit in really well with the men and women of the olden days, because when they ate it was always a feast, it was chunks of food and great spreads of meat and fruits.”

There are infinite sides to God’s personality and infinite depths to Him. Which is why you will never get bored in Heaven. Sometimes I’m watching an interesting program on TV and God will comment. For example, İ was watching Cesar Milan’s dog 🐕 training show and God said,

‘Sher, look at how humans have become so stupid. Here is a family that has a massive Rottweiler in a tiny home with a tiny yard and yet they are baffled as to why the dog is aggressive and territorial.

They have no land for the dog to roam and get exercise, they have spent no time training the dog from it’s youth and now they wonder why they have no control over him. Then on top of it they are acting like they are the tragic victims. Even the dog is rolling it’s eyes and thinking ‘What is this shit?, i should just shit in your shoes everyday for this caged up life we are both living in the city!’

Another time i was watching a feature on Mountain goats and God said,

” Look at my sense of humor! By all human logics, this goat 🐐 shouldn’t be able to scale such steep mountains and dams-given it’s size, but just for the fun of it i have made him with the ability to climb the highest, steepest mountains on Earth.”