A stupid bitch tears down her own self and her own house with her own hands. Amongst countries, America is currently the most rampant stupid bitch that volunteeringly destroys it’s foundations, it’s men, women, children and founding principles everyday.

Now if a stupid bitch like America wants to destroy herself… by all means go ahead. But when this vile confused bitch nation wants to look over her fences to see who else she can take down the path of mental fucked-up-ness- then a vile bitch has to be called out. When she wants to compel other countries to act how she acts, believe what she believes, enforce what she enforces then a bitch needs to be told to back the fuck up!

Here is a mentally reprobate country constantly spewing absolute filth and utter stupidity across the world every day, using years of now ingrained lame hollywood movies, their news networks, talkshows and their fucked up policies.

Here is a list of some of the filth that America spews to the rest of the world: ( so much I can’t recall all of them and in no particular ranking)

1. Sexual looseness

2. Gay marriages

3. Inflated Racism awareness

4. Loveless relationships

5.Moms should put kids before themselves and their husband mentality( the root which is mom and dad in love and in unity must be nurtured before the branches and fruits can flourish i.e the children)

6.Weight loss and body weight hyper sensitive consciousness. Surgeries to alter appearance etc.

7. Glamourizing city living/city poverty

8. Presenting shifting standards of beauty for women

9. Transgender weirdness

10.Confusion on identity( male, female, transgender,no gender etc.)

11. Overworked and miserable but you should still smile for customers mentality

12. Wearing of makeup to be considered beautiful or glamorous

13. That they are a wealthy country and when you immigrate to the U.S your going to hit the jackpot

14. That they have their shit together because they have cities, trains, malls , spaceships and military power. We are modern and advanced 🙄. Bitch take a seat!

15. Stupidity and stupid reasoning. They layer complication and commentary on top of commentary yet never questioning the foundation. Using an example or analogy they discuss the merits of the toilet bowl and what features can be added and how people should sit on it but never question the actual toilet bowl itself. Or they say ‘we want to fight for gender equality in the workplace’ but never question the disgusting workplace itself. What is so envious about being equal with a man in that pig sty of oppression that is currently the corporate work place. Even the man wants to escape. Additionally a woman has always been equal to a man even if there are laws or societal differences that exclude her from certain privileges. It never changes the God given birth right of equality.

16. They demean motherhood and womanhood. Whittle down women’s capabilities and importance to their looks. ( Not the only country that does this but they have a film industry that contributes greatly to pushing this msg in the world hence they have to be called out for it.)

17. They depict other countries in an untrue light. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran etc as savage, backward or dangerous.

18. Their media creates false narratives and can be easily bought.

19. They promote feminine men or men who no longer have backbone

20. You must speak “Politically correct”( they made up this bullshit term, who is more ass kissy and wimpy than a politician? and that’s how they want people to talk?) You must speak Politically correct speech or we will cause you to lose your job or earning potential

21. Spews fear and glamorizes fear: fear of diseases, health problems, fear of accidents, fear of aliens, fear of death etc

22. Always threatening people or countries that stand up against their foolishness

23. Uses comedy to cover up or deflect from the obvious bad choices. For example jokes about ‘ one night stands’. If you really pause and think about the joke, though it’s funny…. but it’s not the way to go.

24. Glamorizing shallow loveless marriages and their subsequent Divorce
,then when they reap what they have sown… turns around and tries to discourage marriage using high divorce rate statistics.

25. Investors and stock markets

26. Televising the idea that your identity and worth as a person comes from your job

27. Pretending you love your children because you tick all the “right” or “trending” parenting boxes. But in truth after a 40 hour work week, the very sight of the kid fills you with bitterness. Once again never questioning why the fuck you have to be working so hard that you have no time for yourself much less the energy to genuinely get to know and fall in love with your children. However as long as I put food on the table, give them shelter and send them to school it’s totally fine that my family is disconnected.

28. Foolish doomsday and futuristic
apocolypse expectations

29. Acting like your cool because you question God’s existence and your so “deep” and more special than those who believe in God.

30. Being proud of having a sickness: autism, down syndrome, allergies, cancer etc. Wanting to be sick to get pity or TV time. Parents wanting their kids to have a condition so they can feel special.

There is more but there is only so much writing that we will waste on this trainwreck bitch that is America.