When you know that as long as he’s by your side, there’s nothing you can’t overcome
There’s no fight that you can’t win
There’s no problem you can’t bear
No insult or scorn you can’t ignore
When you would gladly face a firing squad with him
With bullets riddling your body as long as it were the two of you
When prison seems like paradise if only you two could be together
When everyone calls you evil and mad but you don’t care as long as your looking into his eyes
Fuck the world, fuck the parents, fuck the so called friends, fuck everybody
Just leave Me in KB’s presence, let me feel his breath, see his smile, feel the light flow out of his heart and hear his words
Let me see his muscular body, his beautiful smile
Kill me but kill me with him beside me
Yes I’m mad, madly in love with my husband KB
My hero, the only one in the whole world who loves Sher