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The Kimroy Bailey Group is a Multibillion-dollar company and the world’s largest Interactive Training, Business Process Outsourcing, Consultation and Software Development company for the Renewable Robotics Industry. The KB Group seamlessly integrates Renewable Energy Solutions with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The Group currently operates in  Istanbul, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, New Dehli, Hamburg, Zurich, Miami and Manchester. As we continue to grow our global operations our goal is not to feel ‘BIG’, we want to feel like the small company across the street where you can jump on their website, start a conversation and get an instant response. The Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies is owned by Kimroy, his beautiful wife Sherika and their adorable baby, Keilah Bailey. The Baileys’ proudly believe in Popsie (God) and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

The Kimroy Bailey Renewables is the world’s largest provider of Interactive Online Training Courses, Business Processing Solutions, Consultation and Mobile App & Games for the Renewable Energy Industry. The Step by Step Solar online training course has exploded to become #1 selling course on the internet for the simple reason that the course connect students with customers. We know you do not sign up for a course to hang a certificate on your wall, you study to increase your income! Where is it better to earn than from the multi trillion-dollar Renewable Energy Industry? With the exception of Antarctica, Step by Step Solar has trained students on every continent! KB Renewables innovates its own line of Renewable Energy Products including the Robotic Wind Turbine capable of generating energy in low wind and no wind conditions and the SolarMoon photo voltaic panel capable of generating energy both day and night.

Kimroy Bailey Robotics is the world’s largest developer of educational robots capable of teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a fun, practical and trendy way. The Rasta Robot is KB Robotics’ flagship product with fun features such as Rasta Travels the world, Rasta teaches multiple languages, Global Student interaction and a world-class school support via the Rasta Robot School Booster Program. Kimroy Bailey Robotics also offer Robotics Event Services which enable companies to elevate guests experience at their event with a world-class robotics show.

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