A Warm Welcome to the Greatest Company in the World🌍 The Kimroy Bailey Group

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is a multi-billion-dollar company, 💰 the world's number one renewable energy and robotics enterprise. 🏆

The Kimroy Bailey Group is wholly owned by the larger than life Trillionaires of the Trott-Bailey Family 👨‍👩‍👧. Our family currently includes the Buff Body Builder Kimroy Bailey 💪, Food lover Sher Trott-Bailey 🍜 and the Ever Happy Baby Keilah Trott Bailey 💖. Our lovely trio loves to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

Trott Bailey Family Beach Day on New Continent

Where to today?

Quadrillionaire KB Group

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Trillionaire Trott Bailey Family Mindset

How the KB Group Began?

World #1 Renewable Energy and Robotics Company

Multibillionaire Trott Bailey family company logos feature Sher, JB and baby Keilah
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KB & Sher were at a football game and Sher said to KB

"You need to start making your own Robotics Kit, Babes"

Multibillionaire Trott Bailey family and company logos featuring Sher, KB and Keilah
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Sher took out a loan for her husband and they bought their first 3D Printer

This led to the creation of

⭐ The Firefighter robot

⭐ Rasta Robot

⭐ Bailey Bionics 

Today the KB Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of educational robots.

Jamaica 3rd Place Robotics Team in Global Competition by Kimroy Bailey Robotics
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Multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family and Kimroy Bailey Group at Intel
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Kimroy Bailey Renewable Robotics Camp 3D Printer Session
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Individual Kits and Corporate / Group Packages

KB Renewables

How it All began?

My wife described the renewable energy world as

“dull, fragmented and complicated.”

Step by step solar multibillionaire trott bailey family and logos by the Trott Bailey University

Sher’s simple advice was

“Babes, let’s create custom one-stop packages that take the headache away from customers. “






Solar and wind turbine packages were born to take business and countries off the grid.

buff body KB and sexy sher with baby keilah multibillionaire trott bailey family and logos

I remember when we did our first solar installation, I didn’t know much but we dove right in and never looked back.

This lead to the creation of the Step by Step Solar online course accredited by the Trott Bailey University. 6 years later and we have certified over 306 million solar installers globally. Who like me, didn’t know much if anything about solar installation when they enrolled. 

KB Group Mega Hotel Solar Project in Middle East Part 2 featuring Sher Trott Bailey
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Keilah and her korean friends
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KB Group Mega Hotel Solar Project in Middle East Part 3 featuring Kimroy Bailey and Keilah Trott Bailey
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Trott Bailey University

Trending Courses

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Developing a Global Business


US $81,000

Billionaire bodybuilder Kimroy Bailey from the Bodybuilding for Marketing the Billionaire in YOU online course from the Trott Bailey University
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Bodybuilding for the Billionaire in You


US $2,500

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Rasta Robot Advanced Robotics


US $32,000

2 for one home package
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100 Business Ideas For the Tiger Entrepreneur


US $12,000

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World First Quadrillionaire: Trott Bailey Family

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