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Go from a beginner to a Paid Solar professional with this easy to follow Step by Step Solar Training Course and start Installing profitable solar panel systems TODAY!

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  • My name is Kimroy Bailey and I created this course to give you all the tools and video content you will need to install a profitable solar panel system. I have over 6 years of solar experience and I operate my own solar installation company and I'll help you do the same. 


  • Training my staff gives me a unique vantage point to identify the most challenging areas of solar panel installation. Use my tips and tricks to skip years of trial and error and get to the good part of installing a profitable solar system.

Step by Step Solar Guide

  • The core goal of Step by Step Solar training course is to help you successfully install a profitable solar energy system.


  • Whether it is a starter system for your home or a professional solar system for your customer, this course is for you.


  • You no longer have to hunt for solar content on Google, hopping from one YouTube video to another, nor the costly trial and error. This fun, expert course is all you will need.  
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Get Solar Certified

  • Get your professional solar certification after completing the course. This certification is your building block to the NABCEP exam.


  • The Step by Step Solar course is all you will need to unlock large profits in the solar energy industry and build your resume. We also offer the  1-on-1 solar support. Have one of our experts call to answer your solar installation questions and hold your hand through your first installation!

Step by Step Solar Course

The solar energy industry is multi-billion dollar industry and I want to help you build a solid career in the sector. We have not skipped a single step so rest assure that we have all the content for you to follow along and install a profitable solar panel system.  

  • Practical, easy to follow videos
  • Expert Instructor 
  • Step by Step Solar Guide


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Naomi Nichols 

Only two videos in and I'm SOLD!

I love how thorough and straight to the point this tutorial is. I know something about video editing and appreciate how meticulously including the visuals to further enhance the lectures of what is being taught. I absolutely understood everything the instructor was speaking about beginning to end and can't wait to sign up. I myself, am in an online solar training class now and it's just tons and tons of paper and even the videos are just Power Point presentations which is annoying. I love this approach to empowering individuals to this new technology. Very impressive! You can tell that Kimroy Bailey and his team were thorough and put a lot of time and energy into this training course.

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