Step by Step Solar Installation Training

Build Your Solar Career with Step by Step Solar Installation Training. 

  • Over 5 hours of Solar Installation HD Video
  • Tools for the Solar System Installation
  • How to design a basic solar system
  • How to Install Solar Panels on your roof
  • Installing the Inverter for the Solar Installation
  • Installing the Charge Controller for the Solar System
  • Battery Bank Size and Installation
  • Section Tests
  • Expert Hand Holding to install your first solar system
  • 30min 1-on-1 Online/Telephone support (if requested)
  • Est. 36.4 Hours to complete course material
  • Unlimited Access to Course Material
  • Support Forum
  • Course Outline of Step by Step Solar
  • Why we developed the course
  • Introduction to Step by Step Solar Panel Installation

Kimroy Bailey,
Solar Expert


Kimroy Bailey is an Electrical Engineer who has extensive experience in the field of Renewable Energy garnered from working at the Wigton Wind Farm in Jamaica as a Wind Turbine Engineer and from operating his own solar & wind turbine installation business.

Kimroy is also a consultant with the Caribbean Examination Council in the development of a new course called Green Engineering which aims to integrate renewable energy in the high school curriculum across the Caribbean region.

Other notable achievements in renewable energy includes his award winning Invention of the the "Tropical Storm Robotic Wind Turbine" which was placed 2nd in the IEEE Global Research Competition held in Washington in the United States.



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Step by Step Solar Installation Training

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