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Kimroy Bailey

Kimroy Bailey is a Renewable Energy consultant who builds on sound Christian principles. He recently completed his studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica where he received his Bachelors with Honors in Electrical Engineering. Kimroy represented Jamaica in various international engineering competition and was placed 3rd in 2011 for his offshore wind turbine research in Nashville USA, 3rd in the IEEE international Robotics Competition in Florida USA, March 2012 and received numerous awards from the world’s largest professional body, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer for leadership and involvement. More recently he was placed 2nd in Washington USA for his tropical storm robotic wind turbine which outperformed several competitors from other countries.
Kimroy Bailey has received numerous awards during his tenure as an engineering student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, the major ones are: Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Exemplary Student Leader Award, Jamaica Institute of Engineer most outstanding Electrical Engineering Student of the UTech Graduating Class of 2012 and was recently nominated for the Prime Minister Youth Awards in the category of International Achievements.

Since graduating from university, he Founded the Kimroy Bailey Foundation, a non-profit organization, promoting 100% Renewable Jamaica: ‘Powering our country with only Renewable Energy’. He is a full time Renewable Energy Consultant and operates the award winning website which won 3 awards at the Jamaica Blog Awards Show. On his website he shares personal life stories and discuss renewable energy and robotics in Jamaica.


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Kimroy Bailey

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